1.1 Manual:


       1.1.1 Decompress the downloaded file : flashmyadmin.tar.gz or rar or zip.        


       1.1.2 Copy the folder "flashmyadmin" into the root or sub-directory of a Web server.


       1.1.3 Check that Apache Server, IIS or other is installed and launched. Same for MySql and Php.


       1.1.4 In the location field of your browser, launch the index page :


              On-line example : http://www.your_server.com/flashmyadmin/


              Localhosting example  : http://localhost/flashmyadmin/



   1.2 Auto installation under Windows® :


       1.2.1 Execute fma_fr_setup.exe, downloaded since the website, and follow the instructions.



   1.3 Notes and assistance :



             ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: IMPORTANT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


       1.3.1 About Web-Server



             During the installation, you chose an installation's directory for FlashMyAdmin.


             This directory -in which you put the file "flashmyadmin"- must be the "root" of a Web server or


             one of its sub-directories.



             If  you use an on-line server, hosted or not, you just have to copy flashmyadmin, by ftp, after


             to be sure that Php and MySql turn on this server.


             If you install FMA on your machine, it mean that you already installed a Web server such as


             Apache plus PHP & MYSQL... And that you have minimum knowledge about this.





             The installation is very easy, the basics of a Web server are explained and you increase your chances


             to run FMA without any problem.



             All that you need -Apache, Php, MySql-  is there and more : you will find the software


             PhpMyAdmin (PMA) and you will be able to compare with FlashMyAdmin (FMA) , even use both. ;)


             For that go to :  http://www.easyphp.org/?lang=en


             Download  the  "current version".


             Install it.


             If necessary: Start again the installation of FMA or transfer the file "flashmyadmin" in the appropriate

             directory "www".


             Then launch EasyPhp which will automatically start all the servers and parsers you need.





       1.3.2 Other checkings


             Plug-in "FlashPlayer" must be installed. If necessary  go to:




             Check the access rights of  the folder where is FMA.







      2.1 FMA launching.


          Initial page of FMA (index.htm or flashmyadmin.htm) is called as any other Html page, in the location field of

          your browser :


            <Server's URL>/[<possible pathname>]/flasmyadmin/



               <Server's URL>/[<possible pathname>]/flasmyadmin/flashmyadmin.htm

               <Server's URL>/[<possible pathname>]/flasmyadmin/index.htm


            Example with a localhost on your own machine :






            Example on an on-line server :









          After each new version, FMA need to read from server, only once, the labels of the chosen language.


          For that it is necessary to remove the "Local Shared Object" which is the Flash equivalent of the cookies.


          If you do not know how to remove the "Local Shared Object" or, where they are on your machine...

          ... Nothing is lost: -)


          You just have to click - at the first frame- on "french">"OK">"previous">"english">"OK" ... Then the new

          labels will be displayed correctly.


          It is also recommended to empty cache in FireFox or to remove tempories files in IE,  in menu>options of your








    3.2 Version 0.2.8 :


         3.2.1 Add-on :

            We put on download, 3 versions : Normal, Lite and Plus.

             The software is exactly the same, except that the 'Lite' doesn't have on-line help files and

             only the 'Plus' contain audio, video, etc samples in folder : './xmedia/'. This directory with its

             tree exist in the 2 other versions but you have to add your own multimedia file, if necessary.


             The visual has been cleaned.           


             Many corrected bugs.      



    3.2 Version 0.2.0 :


         3.2.1 Add-on :

            It's possible now to work with no Unicode base. So we have choice between Unicode or local systeme page code.


        3.2.2 Corrected bugs :


            - The file 'default.lang.flash.ini' was'nt visible on some servers.

            - If a base was empty, the following one was not displayed in the list.

            - The MySql message 'syntax error' was returned in table creation on some servers. 

            - The table comment was not displayed, in creation, until refresh was done.


    3.3 Version 0.1.2 :


        3.3.1 Add-on :


          - Datas Streaming (No more limit in the number of rows read into only once.)


          - Rehandling of Export (SQL,XML,CSV,AScript)


          - The video FLV format has been added in the multimedia module.


          - Addition of lifts in frames and multi-rows textfields.


          - Indexs definition is now possible directly in table's create mode. -Necessary for auto-increment fields-



        3.3.3 Corrected bugs :


          - Incorrect video posting in case that it was not in the internet tmp files (cache).


          - "Enter" key validated a frame even if the cursor was in a multi-rows textfield.


          - Posting problem with scrolling in you looked at a short list after a big one.


          - Combo-boxes did not function  -in table's create mode- in creation frame of the first field .


          - Export didn't take care of indexs,comment and DB type !!


          - Various buggies in datas Import due to specials characters.




    3.4 Version 0.1.0 : Multi-media module:


           Usually we put in database only the names of the multi-media files and not their contents.


            With FMA the files Audio MP3, Videos, and JPEG images can "be played" directly in the application.


            (Other files like GIF, XML, RTF, HTML, etc are shown in a blank page.)




See also on :








 4_ About User-Friendly features :



    The FlashMyAdmin ergonomics was designed to be easy to use and pleasant for everybody even those which

    start in database practice.


    Even if functions absolutely necessary or useful will be added, people will not have to read tons of

    documentation, before the 1st click or rollOver.



    Currently :


      There is no "hidden" menu and all the events or functionalities necessary to a given moment are

      immediately visible on screen.


      A maximum of data is read with starting (All bases, tables and index) to propose information

      without to have to wait after a click or rollover.


      The basic ergonomics is as follows:


       When you "Click" on a data's name in a list (tables, bases, columns, etc) corresponding information

       is displayed AND remain shown.


       But if you just "rollover" the data's name, then, the corresponding frame(s) is displayed only during

       the "rollover" time then it disapear or return to the stable state corresponding to the last clicked

       -selected- data.


       That seems to me a fluid and fast way to view informations about datas, before to select which

       one, you wants to use.



    In the future:


      The author is conscious that the goal of "user-friendly" is not entirely reached, some users can even be

      surprised by the frames's fast posting.


      FMA will evolve and move with the opinions of user's majority.







      The on-line assistants will be translated soon in english - I hope so.


      They exist only in French for the moment.


      The vocal part of this assistants is ready to function but no text are recorded yet.


      So, we are looking for translators, contributors with sense of training and a nice voice ;)


Have a nice use... Don't forget that FMA is in Beta-test period and that your remarks, ideas are welcomes.