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Apix MyBox...
... Is free and is available on the Internet :
or at Firefox Marketplace for Firefox-OS
or at Google Play for Android

and it is open-source and downloadable on gitHub
This application is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
If, in the worst case, it's online-availability should cease, can not be held responsible, nor required to compensate its users.

Licence :

With MyBox you create : folder(s)
within folders - i.e other subfolders or forms.

In each form you can define fields.
That then allows you to enter your various data, organized as you wish, and find your data wherever an Internet connection exists.

The fields may be visible or hidden (eg 'password').
If a field is hidden, a click on a button makes it visible temporarily.

A single data field is "primary".
Which means that its content will appear as the title of the record,
and the records will be sorted according to the value of this field.

Each field can be copied to the clipboard by clicking on a button. (Useful for connecting to websites, for example.)
All platforms (Android or Firefox-OS mobiles ; Web on PC / Mac) access the same database.
Synchronization is not necessary.

The layout adapts itself to any screen size or ratio -the app is responsive.

The management mode (create/update/delete files, forms or fields) and operating mode (data entry/view) are in the same application, so the changes in admin are immediately reflected in the operating mode.

This application is designed to work with an HTML5 browser.

Feel free to contact me to inform me of any errors;
or if you want a specific development, from this application or about any other project.


The app ask an email as username but doesn't verify if adress exists. If it exists it will be used only to send you news about updates. We will never share your email with third parties.

If you like this application, please spread the word :-)

For developers
The app is 'Open Source' and installable on a server with PHP/MySql


MyBox doesn't use a meta-data system to store the records but generates conventional mySql tables which can be read easily by other applications.


By example

Follow this example exactly and you'll understand everything.

Step I

After the first launch,
  • Click on 'Create New Account'.
  • Enter a valid email.
  • Enter a password of your choice.
  • Enter again the same password.
  • Click the connection button.
The app doesn't ask you to activate your account.
If you want to receive news about updates, please provide a valid email.

Step II

  • Confirm the 'Starting advice' pop-up.
  • Click on the menu (upper right vertical dots).
  • Click on 'Folders and forms management'.
  • Click the button to add a folder (orange with a plus sign) in the bottom right.
  • Enter 'Personal' as folder name, then click OK.
So, you've now created a folder for your personal information 
. You can create as many folders and subfolders as you want.

Step III.a - Create a form

  • Click on the folder 'Personal' that you just created.
  • Click on the form add button (blue with a plus sign) in the bottom right.
  • Enter 'My login credentials' as form name, then click OK.

Step III.b - Then create the first field which will be the 'primary' field of the form.

  • Click on the folder to open it, if necessary.
  • Click on the 'My login credentials' form that you just created.
  • Click the field add button (dark blue with a plus sign) in the bottom right.

  • Enter 'Website Name' as field label.
  • 'Primary field' is checked and can't be unchecked.
  • Click OK.
You created the first field that will also be the record's title because 'primary' is checked.
It will be the only one in this case.

Step III.c - Create the other fields in the same way

  • Click the Add field button.
  • Enter 'Url' as field label.
  • 1 as the number of lines.
  • Check 'Copy / Paste'.
  • Leave 'Hidden field' unchecked.
  • You can't check 'Primary field' because 'Website Name' is already the primary field.
  • Click OK.

  • Click the Add field button.
  • Enter 'Username' as field label.
  • 1 as the number of lines.
  • Check 'Copy/Paste'.
  • Leave 'Hidden field' unchecked.
  • Click OK.

  • Click the Add field button.
  • Enter 'Password' as field label.
  • 1 as the number of lines.
  • Check 'Copy/Paste'.
  • Check 'Hidden field'.
  • Leave unchecked 'Secure field'.
    or New !
    uncheck it, then enter a PIN code of 4 digits, then click OK.
    Take care to remember the code
    to see its content after...

  • Click OK.

  • Click the Add field button.
  • Enter 'Notes' as field label.
  • 4 as the number of lines.
  • Uncheck 'Copy/Paste'.
  • Leave 'Hidden field' unchecked.
  • Click OK.
You have now completed the creation of the form that will allow you to store your login credentials.

As you see, 'Oblique pencil' or 'Cross on red foreground' buttons are to the right of each folder, form or field.
They allow you to respectively edit or delete an item.
Please note that the removal of an element deletes hierarchically all its children (subfolders and forms).

You can create other forms (Dictionary, Address Book, etc)
and create additional folders (eg. 'Professional') to separate your forms.

Clicking on a folder or form changes the path displayed at the top middle of the screen.
The up arrow (left of menu) allows you to reach the folders' root.

Step IV - Enter records in 'My login credentials' form

  • Click on menu then on 'Leave management' or directly on the left arrow on the top left of the screen.
  • Click on the folder 'Personal', the form 'My login credentials' appears.
  • Click on it.
  • Validate the pop-up which reports that the selected form is empty.
  • Click on the add record button (dark blue with a plus sign) in the bottom right.
    A pop-up appears with the created labels (Website,Url,etc) and the corresponding fields empty.
    Just fill it with your data and then validate OK.
    Create some records in the same way.
    New !
    If you have secured a field :
    You have to enter its PIN code of 4 digits then click OK, before see or copy it.

    The secure field's content isn't read from the server until the PIN code is entered
    Even in case of robbery of your mobile or password piracy,
    nobody can read a secure field's content without PIN code.
    The PIN code is crypt... Only stored into your brain clearly !

Step V - Access to the entered data.

  • Click on the folder, then the form, if necessary.
    The records list is displayed with the value of the primary field ('Website name') as label.

  • Choose a record and click on it,
    the other fields appear.
    For each of them, you can click on the 'copy' picto.
    This will allow you to paste it elsewhere.

  • The value of 'Password' is hidden but you can see it by clicking on the 'eye' picto.
    The fields 'Hidden' may be stay hidden to be copied.

To disconnect

Click on menu then on 'Logoff / login' , or on the left arrow at the top left.

It's time to create and organize your favourite forms, enter and access your useful and precious data wherever you are...



The online version lets you test this app but doesn't give you any guarantee, nor the mastery of security processes
(i.e backups, data confidentiality, etc)
To have total control, you need to :

  • Download the ZIP file on
  • Install at least the content of folder 'bin/' on a server with PHP and mySql.
  • Launch the program ./php/db.create.php to create the database and tables.

    The other directory contains the source.